A Comprehensive Guide to Replacing a Toilet

Your toilet is one of the most important plumbing fixtures in your home. With that in mind, replacing a toilet or installing a new toilet altogether is serious business. It’s crucial that you get the steps done right the first time, so you can avoid a flood in your home – or worse! To help, the experts at Complete Comfort have put together a comprehensive guide to replacing a toilet.

1. Measure the Space for the New Toilet.

Take a tape measure and record the distance from the wall behind the current toilet to the nearest bolt that secures it to the floor. You want to make sure the new toilet will fit in this same footprint before purchasing!

2. Turn off the Water Supply.

Before removing the current toilet, turn off the water supply in your home to avoid flooding. Don’t forget to flush the water from the tank too!

3. Detach Water Supply Lines from the Current Toilet.

While removing the water supply lines, place a bucket or basin beneath the tank to catch any excess water. Wear gloves while doing so to protect your hands from any sharp edges.

4. Remove the Bolts to Disassemble the Toilet.

First, unscrew the nuts on the bottom of the tank to remove it from the toilet bowl. Next, you’ll remove the caps and washers that connect the toilet bowl to your bathroom floor (the same ones that helped you measure the space earlier).

5. Remove the Wax Ring from the Previous Toilet.

Using a screwdriver and a putty knife, remove the wax ring on the bathroom floor. You’ll need a new wax ring for your new toilet. Also, remove the closet bolts during this time.

6. Repair the Flange, If Necessary.

If the flange was damaged at all while removing the old wax ring, this is your chance to repair it. You can use a repair kit at a hardware store for this purpose.

7. Install New Closet Bolts.

Once the flange has been repaired (if applicable), screw in the new closet bolts into the slots. You’ll need washers and nuts to hold them in place.

8. Place Your New Wax Ring.

Let your new wax ring run under warm water to make it more adjustable. After placing the new toilet bowl upside down, secure the new wax ring onto the toilet outlet.

9. Connect the Toilet Bowl to the Closet Bolts.

Turn the toilet bowl right-side up and lower it onto the closet bolts already positioned in the flange. Ensure that the placement of the toilet is aligned with the wall.

10. Fasten the Toilet in Place.

Take the new caps and washers and screw them onto the exposed closet bolts. Now, take the new tank and connect it to the bowl with the necessary bolts, nuts, and washers. Avoid tightening the bolts too much as this can make the porcelain crack.

11. Connect Water Supply Lines.

After the connections have been secured, slowly turn the water supply back on. If there are any leaks, turn the water off, tighten the connections, and then try again.

12. Install the New Toilet Seat.

Lastly, connect the new toilet seat and lid to the bowl. Place the tank lid on top of the tank.

Voila! You have yourself a new toilet.

Above is a comprehensive guide to replacing a toilet, but upon attempting to perform the task yourself, you may find that this work is both grueling and intimidating. If you want your toilet replaced the right way the first time, call the plumbing experts at Complete Comfort today.