Halloween Decorations

Halloween Decoration Safety: Avoid Your HVAC Unit!

The pumpkins have been carved, seeds tossed in spices and baked – while ghosts and goblins and zombies stand in front of mirrors – making sure details are right before heading out into the night. That’s right, Hoosiers, it’s All Hallows’ Eve – better known as Halloween! It’s a night for fun and fright, a night of trick-or-treating and bobbing for apples. It’s also a night for spooky Halloween decorations: spider webs, flashing lights, swinging bats, hairy spiders, and creepy clothes.

While decorations like these are great, it’s important to exercise safety when putting them up, especially around your HVAC system. We at Complete Comfort – Central Indiana’s leader in heating, plumbing, and air conditioning – want to share with you a few important Halloween decoration safety tips to keep your HVAC system at its peak.

Avoid inside vents.

When deciding where to hang that scary spiderweb, avoid the vents and registers of your HVAC system. Vents blocked by Halloween decorations can prevent air from leaving the ductwork, creating a buildup of pressure that can damage your HVAC system. Make sure all vents in the house are unobstructed and the air is flowing normally.

Don’t decorate the outside unit.

It’s tempting to position that ghost or spiderweb on or near the outside unit so that it looks to be moving around. Don’t do this. Like the vents inside, the outside unit needs unobstructed airflow in and out of the system. You want to make sure to avoid any decoration near the unit and check it each day to make sure the unit remains clear through the holiday.

Keep an eye on the energy.

One thing you’ll want to think about over the Halloween season is the amount of energy you’ll be using. Many people report seeing higher electric bills for the month of October. One reason is that decorations that cover vents and registers restrict airflow, causing the unit to work harder and use more electricity. The other reason people see an increase in their energy bill is the amount of time your door stays open, especially on Halloween night. If you have a lot of trick-or-treaters, you can expect to have your door open a lot. Each time you do, warm air escapes the home. One way to avoid this is to dress up and sit outside, greeting the kiddos with candy and smiles as they walk up to your door.

While these DIY tips should keep your system humming along through Halloween, the best way to keep your system in peak running condition is to schedule regular maintenance checkups. Investing in routine checks could save you from expensive repair. Our highly trained experts can solve any problem and spot signs of larger issues to come and prevent them from occurring. Complete Comfort is Central Indiana’s most trusted heating system provider, and we’re confident you’ll understand why when you meet us. Call us at (317) 671-7552 to schedule your appointment today!