Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostat Efficiency

You’ve been keeping a close eye on your energy bill for months now. You’ve even been playing with the setting on your smart thermostat for the past two weeks, trying to lock in the sweet spot. You thought you found it last week, but now you’re not so sure anymore. There are just so many darn things your smart thermostat can do: lower your energy bill, work off wifi, keep you comfy on the couch; heck, it can even tell you if your pipes are going to freeze.

While all this and more is possible with a smart thermostat – the simple truth is – smart thermostats are only as smart as the person who programs them. That would be you! Luckily for you, Central Indiana’s most trusted heating and cooling company – Complete Comfort – is here. Our experts have some smart tips on smart thermostat efficiency; saving you both money and energy!

Advanced Smart Programming.

You’re probably familiar with the basic controls of a thermostat. There’s “On,” “Off,” “Heat,” and “Cool” on traditional thermostats – but smart thermostats up the playing field by allowing the user to program advance settings.

With a smart thermostat, you can set it so that it lowers the temperature an hour after you go to bed and raises the temperature back up an hour before you wake. This consistency is key. If you were to attempt this manually, there would be swings in the temperature sooner or later that would cause you to overheat or cool your home.

Energy History.

Most smart thermostats give the homeowner access to their energy history. This knowledge is a major difference when you are trying to save money on your energy bill. You can see where you may have had the house too warm at times when you weren’t even home. Being able to see this and make the necessary adjustments is a vital step in your overall energy savings.

It Learns Your Habits.

The machines are learning. Fear not – your smart thermostat isn’t going to report to the NSA, but it will learn things about you over time and act accordingly. If there’s a part of the day when you like the home warmer or cooler, your smart thermostat will learn these behaviors and begin to adjust the temperature for you automatically.

A Zone Defense.

With a zone-controlled HVAC system, you can control the temperature in each zoned area of the home. This can mean major savings on your heating and cooling bills. If there is an area of the home you don’t use, you can set that area of the home – let’s say zone four – to be five degrees cooler than zones one, two, and three. Since that zone won’t be using as much energy, you should see a noticeable difference on your next energy bill.

While these tips will help you better understand the ways your smart thermostat can save you money, they are by no means a substitute for an HVAC professional. At Complete Comfort, our technicians are specially trained to be able to install and set up your smart thermostat to be energy efficient. Routine checks on your HVAC system can also save you from an expensive repair later.

Our highly trained experts can monitor and improve your indoor air quality – as well as spot signs of larger issues to come. Complete Comfort is Central Indiana’s most trusted heating and cooling system provider, and we’re confident you’ll understand why when you meet us. Call us at (317) 671-7552 to schedule your appointment today!