6 Steps to Make Everyone Comfortable for Christmas

This holiday season, you’ll likely have a few overnight guests in your home. Here are 6 steps to make everyone comfortable for Christmas that you might not have considered:

Improve Indoor Air Quality

There’s nothing more embarrassing than inviting someone over and having your home feel stale and stuffy. Improve your indoor air quality by:

  • Replacing your AC filter
  • Opening the windows (before the guests arrive!)
  • Running a dehumidifier
  • Running an air purifier

Fresh homes aren’t just for the spring! Make your home welcoming to your loved ones by clearing the air.

Make Sure Your Garbage Disposal Is Working Properly

The meal times are one of the main reasons you invite guests over for the holidays. You might use your garbage disposal as a fast, easy clean up after meals, so you can get back to spending time with the people you love. Your winter-wonderful evening might be interrupted by faulty garbage disposal though. That’s why it’s important to inspect it and clear it out before guests arrive!

Insulate Your Pipes

Here’s a nightmare situation for you: All your friends and family (and cousins you like just OK) are over when a pipe bursts. This emergency is pretty commonplace this time of year – if you’re not insulating your pipes properly. During below-freezing temperatures, make sure sink cabinets are open, so your heater can access them. You can also wrap your pipes to prevent them from freezing and bursting.

Make Sure Your Water Heater Is in Tip-Top Shape

You might be used to having your shower water turn cold after 10 minutes, but your guests might not be. Make sure your water heater is heating the water the best that it can before your guests are unpleasantly surprised by a freezing shower. You can have your water heater inspected by a licensed plumber to determine if it can be repaired or if it should be replaced. If you’ll be replacing your water heater, consider getting a tankless one. That way, you’ll never run out of hot water again!

Make Sure Your Furnace Is Performing at Peak Capacity

Your home might be warmer than being outdoors – but only just. There might be a reluctance in turning the thermostat temperature up (especially after all the money you spent this season on gifts!), and that’s OK. You should be able to get away with only turning it up a few degrees, depending on how many people will be staying with you. You can also replace your AC filter to maximize your HVAC system’s efforts.

Set the Right Temperature at the Right Times

With all the fun you’ll be having this holiday season, you might only remember to raise or lower the thermostat temperature if one of your guests tells you they’re uncomfortable. Be proactive by installing a smart thermostat before they arrive. Control the temperature from your phone or program it to raise or lower the heat at certain times.

If you’re ready to try these 6 steps to make everyone comfortable for Christmas, call Complete Comfort. We offer plumbing and HVAC services and can take care of your home service needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call now!